October 6, 2009


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8 Ways on How to Manage Assignment Pressure
One of the functions of education is to challenge you and in so doing, prepare you for the challenges of life after school. Campus life is full of both social and academic activities. The social activities spill over to consume our time scheduled for academic work. Learning to be effective in managing assignment pressure will carry you a long way towards managing stress over your lifetime. Here are 8 ways to help you manage assignment pressure.

1. View school as your temporary business. You can’t run an office without supplies. Keep a good supply of paper, pencils, pens, folders, and binders on hand and develop a filing system so you know where things are. Keep your locker clean and well organized. It will help you keep on time and composed.

2. When businesses need help, they find it. If you need help with a subject, don’t be afraid to find a tutor. Teachers and professors may offer limited help, but are more likely to be a resource to assist you in finding either extra materials or another tutor. Getting help allows you to save time doing the right thing.

3. Plan your work and work your plan. Schedule time for homework and stick to your schedule unless a real emergency like, fire, or floods gets in the way. If you need a break after school, take it and make sure you schedule homework time later in the evening. Bearing in mind that the opposite of pressure is relaxation, just be sure to schedule both.

4. Don’t let work clutter up your weekend. Most students may choose to work on their assignments all weekend; this increases pressure because a week’s assignment may be too much for a weekend. You also need to rest part of the weekend and you’ll find that facing the coming week is much easier when you’ve had real time to energize.

5. Learn to prioritize. You can easily write a one-page essay in a flash, but how about a fifteen-page term paper? Certainly you cannot do it within an hour. Get done for tomorrow what needs to be done. This will enable you to use the rest of your scheduled study time to work on other projects or even read a chapter ahead.

6. Choose friendly subjects. When a project allows you to choose the subject matter, choose according to your interests, not what you think will impress the teacher or get a good grade. Apart from making school work more enjoyable and less stressful, good grades come from good work and we do our best work when we enjoy what we’re doing.

7. Cramming is a great way to become cramped. It’s a necessary evil sometimes, but you can avoid physical aches and pains by taking a five-minute break after each hour of study. Also, when working at a desk or table, avoid dancing chairs make sure that your chair is at a comfortable height and firmly supports your back.

8. Reward yourself. We are determined to pack every moment full of useful activity so there is never time to stop and stare at the wonders around us such as, stopping to admire flowers, watching movies or taking your favorite meal. But it is crucial to take time to step back from our busy lives and putting things in perspective.

We rarely experience assignment pressure if we can exercise some control over events or activities. Assignment pressure occurs when we procrastinate on activities that we could have done earlier.


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